Delvan's Hollow, Missouri

Population 125

Delvan’s Hollow is a small community nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks, about a hundred miles away from Joplin, Missouri. Situated near it’s eponymous Hollow, a dried riverbed that has since become overgrown with a large forest as it descends up Martin’s Hill, Delvan’s Hollow is a small village that has only been at the site for about thirty years or so.

The primary economic activity is mining for iron ore in the surroundings hills; many small mines exist in the surrounding area, as well as the cabins that most of the miners live in. Aside from mining for iron, agriculture continues to have a presence in the community, which is a direct service to several farms in the immediate area.

There are only two roads in or out of the Hollow: both are small, either heading west out of town towards Kansas, or east 30 miles towards Providence, Missouri, a nearby town of around 500 people, which includes a military palisade on its outskirts.

Delvan’s Hollow contains a minimal amount of amenities, most people making due with what they have unless they trip to Providence or even further to Joplin. The primary features are the town hall, which houses the sheriff’s office and the jail, and the Bluebird Inn which is the sole place to stay in the town, and also contains a general store which sells basic goods.

Delvan’s Hollow has come to some attention during the Civil War, mostly from a band of bushwhackers known as Riley’s Corps, who are hoping to utilize the iron mines to outfit more bands of bushwhackers, and stop Union interests from sending the iron across the various fronts of the civil war or back to manufacturing centers in the North.

Delvan's Hollow, Missouri

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